We Use The Most Advanced tools


The Right Tools

We offer what no other window cleaning company in Hawaii can offer.

How can we make such a bold statement?

Because the system we use… we made ourselves! 

Yes, most of the tools we use were designed or modified by the company. These tools are exclusive & unique to BPWC. 

Exterior Cleaning

No Ladders– Our Water-fed pole along with our pat. pend. Boars-hair brush head, with adjustable flow jets allows for cleaning windows up to 3-stories high... without ladders.

Interior Cleaning

Our interior cleaning system includes our Water-Fed Jet Trigger System. More efficient for cleaning than conventional wand and squeegee. this pat. pend. design offers lightning fast cleaning, especially on louver glass, fixed screens, and frames & tracks. 



The Right Water

Cleaner water makes for cleaner windows. 

Our De-Inoized, Reverse-Osmosis H20 Filtering System does just that! 

Our efficient and economical cleaning system will not just clean your windows but will bathe your frames, screens & tracks. Removing corrosive salt.

Preserve your home investment with a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Slow down the destructive process caused by salt spray and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs.


H20 FILTER SYSTEM – HydroTube by IPC Eagle


EXTERIOR CLEANING – Water-fed pole used with our pat. pend. brush heads with adjustable flow jets. [EXCLUSIVE]

INTERIOR CLEANING – Water-Fed Jet Trigger System, pat. pend. [EXCLUSIVE]


Interior / Exterior Window Cleaning

Screen & Louver Cleaning  

Siding Cleaning

Water Spot Restoration

Sky Light Cleaning              

Solar Panel Cleaning

Glass Showers